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President's Notes


Once again the Caloundra Regatta has come and gone. Once again it was a great weekend. Better than last year?  Well, we certainly had better weather and a bigger collection of boats.  My wife, Marian, and I enjoyed the paddle up Bells Creek on the Saturday but were happy to accept a lift back on Ed's (starting a new life as a motor boat) 16ft skiff.  At the end of the weekend Marian said it was one of friendliest lot of people she had been with.  Ron's full report appears later in the Log, but if you missed it this year don't miss out next year.

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Notes of visit to Ross Lillistone (cont.)

Last month Ed Elcock wrote and sent in for publication a comprehensive account of the boatbuilding day at Esk. When the editor copied the text from his e-mail, the first page of notes was  left behind.... Sorry Ed. So here it is, you can read it and revise the others at the same time, happy reading and subsequent dreaming and/or boatbuilding.  


Notes of visit to Ross Lillistone cont.

Ed Elcock

23- 06-2012

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