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“The heavier the load – the greater the grip”

For once a product that stands up to the blurb, well so far.

Found these at Whitworths, and they are for securing the likes of a tarp by gripping the edge. The plastic and appear very strong, the grip is helped by an array of serrated teeth on each side of the plate gripping the tarp. It’s in two sections that when slid together over a notched arm clamp down hard on the tarp edge. When a cord is fed through the two sections and tied off increases the pull and the closure of the two sections increasing the grip.

They come in packets of 10 for around $16.95 so $1.95 each

I have two at present on the edge of a very large tarp covering my NIS26 and no sign of them letting go. To me good value especially when you want to secure a tarp over a boat when there is limited tie down points or the eyes have pulled out.

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